With more than 20 years in operation, Granite Mountain Stables is the closest public stable to Downtown Prescott, Arizona just 15 minutes away.
Granite Mountain Stables - Prescott Arizona
Stable Policies

Stable Policies

Please be courteous & use common sense…..When in doubt, ask Katie or Jacque

  • We expect that all boarders turn out there horses at least once per week. If you are unable to do that, you must make arrangements with staff to comply.
  • Keep phone, email & address current in the office. All horses must have a current stall plate on display with owner’s name and contact phone number for emergencies
  • Please be conscientious of the Barn Manager’s schedule. She is available for consultation, Monday- Friday during regular business hours and Saturday until noon.
  • ALL visitors & guests must sign a liability waiver upon entering premises
  • Parking in designated areas only. Parking at corrals is only permitted if stable or emergency vehicles have clearance to pass
  • Clean up after your horse in common areas is mandatory ! Pick up the mess your horse leaves at the hitching post, round pens & parking lot. This includes the wash rack area. Please dispose of manure & hair.
  • Turn out is limited to ONE HOUR and you MUST remain on premises unless you have made arrangements for someone to monitor your horse and authorized them to return the horse to its corral if someone is waiting
  • NO TURNOUT in the arena or round pen unless you remain with your horse. Riders have priority so if your horse is turned out, please vacate. Turnout in the arena is limited to 30 minutes.
  • Please keep areas around your indoor stalls, corrals & feeding stations neat and tidy.
  • Arena may be reserved in advance for private lessons with arrangements to be made in the office.
  • Key for Deep Well Ranch is for use of boarders only and may not be duplicated. It must be returned to the office or container in the barn after EVERY use. There is a $100 charge for a lost key.
  • NEVER put any hay in turnouts or round pens
  • DO NOT give any boarder’s horse treats of any kind without prior permission
  • Large container is for manure only; no trash bags or plastic of any kind. There is a large bin adjacent to front parking area and multiple trash cans in the barns
  • Dogs must remain leashed unless approved by owners