Granite Mountain Stables offers both INDOOR and OUTDOOR stabling options.


Each INDOOR stall comes with an attached outdoor run and storage area for grains, grooming supplies, etc.

Indoor Stalls
Indoor Stall attached Run

OUTDOOR stalls each come with a shade structure, and walls to shelter your horse from the environment.

Outdoor Stall
Outdoor Stall

Boarding Includes:

  • Twice daily feeding of Alfalfa and/or Bermuda hay (4 flakes total or approx 25lbs)
  • Up to twice daily grain feeding (owner provided grain, bagged if more than one scoop/soaked as necessary)
  • Stalls cleaned daily in the AM
  • One gratuity service per month (IE one lunch, one blanket pull, one turnout, etc)
  • Use of full facility, including tack rooms
  • Live on site staff and monitoring


  • Lunch: $50/month (Owner provided, we will feed)
  • Turnout: $3/turnout
  • Flymask: $50/month (on and off daily)
  • Fly Spray/Sunscreen/Daily Topicals: 3x/week $50, or $5 each
  • Hauling to Vet: $50
  • Blanketing: $60/month on and off, or $35/month for either on or off
  • Slow Feeders: $60/month for twice daily fill
  • Rehab Services, wound care, medications, grooming and additional services available on an “as needed” basis and priced on a case by case basis.
  • Trailer Storage

Arena use fees for non-boarders

  • Private Reservations: $30/horse/hour
  • Non-Private Use: $15/horse/hour

Overnight Stabling

  • Dry Stall (You provide feed and clean after use: $15/night
  • Partial Care – We feed, You clean: $20/night (add $2/flake if we provide hay)
  • Full Care – We feed, we clean: $35/night (add $2/flake if we provide hay)